Let's go!

by Trouble Every Day

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released October 1, 2010

Recorded by Fab.

Drums : Jean Claude
Guitars : Hervé + Mathias
Bass : Pirate
Voice : Guillaume

Guest guitar on Downfall by Jacky
Guest guitar on Let's go! by Fab
Violin on Autistic by Tony

Everyone + Pepino + Alar is singing



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Trouble Every Day Nantes, France

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Track Name: Let's go!
Time is running and running and passing Still scared by the clock that I hear ticking 28 years and it seems I done nothing If I die tomorrow how will I feel? If you don't wanna get beat by the clock You gotta go go go and never slow When the machine is on it never stops Don't have the time to wait for tomorrow So let's go and never slow. Conditioned since our first days We live like zombies on their ways No free will no decisions Bored when there is no consumption Now it's time to live on our own We gotta go go go and never slow Get ourselves off this routine And be the actor of our own scheme It's so easy to watch our lives not acting Easy to complain and do nothing “The ticking you hear is your life passing by so...” Don't waste time dwelling in the past, Stop dreaming about the future You're living your good times right now You know man, there is just one thing...

Let's go!
Track Name: Another brick in the mall
My legs are walking My hands are picking I can't control myself Despite all my efforts I keep on buying All these things I hate
And where am l going? Straight to the mall. I'm just another Brick in the mall! Then every week It's automatic Doing it again Brain turned off, out on the hunt, I need to please my senses. So weak and enslaved by it all I lose all my defences. All my life in a shopping cart, I should be ashamed. One by one strengthening its walls, locking up ourselves.
Track Name: One more song about love and friendship
Hard times and memories of failure And solitude The fear of being alone forever This feeling's rude I though it would strengthen me It would learn me to be tough But that was just self convictions... Oh what a loss! But now We're walking side by side Making every thing's fine Walking side by side in the cold But we don't crawl I opened my mind and my heart And it feels so warm I know so much how it is To lose someone loved That we gotta make our lives unreal And fear nothing at all.
Track Name: Insenced by hate
This world is going so cold Or did I just opened my eyes growing old? Dog eat dog, again we crawl Leading ourselves to the fall Hatred just feeds the pain and tears us fucking down. Alienates ourselves and keeps us on the ground. Disillusion once again leaded To screams and fights and a fucking brawl You can't fight fire with fire The only strength we have is our love.
Track Name: Downfall
Finally, we can feel the failure I hope the end of it all Can we take so much pressure? How longer will we crawl? If you want to rebuild this shit Please count me out!!! Feeding the beast that eat us It's time to see clear now I hope we won't play longer And let it crush and fall Now let these empires fall!!!
Track Name: Autistic
Once again, I gotta face it I feel so bad and not at ease So much noise, people are dancing Thanx for the talk but now I'm sweating Now I gotta confess I'd rather be you than myself But I can't help, can't beat this feeling I'm not at ease socialising Gotta wake up it's not too late Before I lock the door and close the gate But there are things that I cant help It can't be fate I feel better at home I can be myself, don't have to play this stupid role. It's not because that I don't like you Not cause I got better things to do Wish I could share all this with you Wish I could laugh like you do.